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PL Mobile Carwash

PL Mobile Carwash is a  West Palm Beach company that offers  professional mobile auto detailing service. We aim at making sure that all our customers get satisfied with our cleaning detailing services.


Our Services


Full Wash


Outdoor Washing


Signature Detail


Deluxe Wash


Special Interior Detailing

Polishing Car Tire

Special Services

Boat Cleaner

RV Detailing

Car Interior

Quality Guarantee

PL Mobile Carwash can have your car professionally detailed. Set up a suitable time for our team to get to your home or office. We are a reliable team as we are licensed and insured.


Your car can get spoiled because of heat, mold, salt air, humidity and bugs. All these factors have a negative impact on your car’s paint, dashboards, chrome, carpets and roof. The truth is that most car wash services offer bad quality soaps, waxes and cleaners that contain chemicals, which affects the most important protective elements of your car.


We use the best quality cleaning products to make sure your car is in optimal conditions. 

Make an appointment with PL Mobile Carwash Today!

Top Shine Mobile Detailing Van


Highly-professional Service

Get a free estimate

After you get an Appointment

Once you have scheduled an appointment with us, PL Mobile Carwash team will arrive at the indicated location on time, wearing uniforms and on the company’s vehicle.

Then, our specialists will inspect the vehicle to write down any damage and might need you to communicate. 

PL Mobile Carwash team has all the tools ready to provide cleaning solutions, including vacuuming and polishing. They will get down to work really quickly.


After your order is completed, we will process your payment. Once we have finished washing your car, we would be glad to receive your feedback!

We love good reports, but we concentrate on suggestions to improve our service. You can give us your feedback on Google My Business profile. 

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